Australia should be a safehaven for Hongkongers

Just as the Fraser Government helped liberate refugees who fled Vietnam following the end of the Vietnam War, and as the Abbott Government offered the permanent settlement for 12,000 refugees escaping the tyrannical al-Assad regime, today Australia must continue our strong history of humanitarianism and offer the people of Hong Kong safe haven from the reach of the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

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The Value of Volunteering

In 1911, during the second annual Rotary convention, a conversation between Rotary founder Paul Harris and Seattle Rotarian J.E. Pinkham would ultimately inspire the service organisation’s principle motto – Service Above Self. The motto was later formally approved at the 1950 International Convention and, to this day, inspires generations of Rotarians to a life of service and selfless giving. The best of politics is also centred around these same ideals – serving your community, helping others, advocating for those without a voice, and doing what is right and honourable.

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The Challenges We Face

There can be no doubt, the start of this year has not been ideal. Between once in a generation bushfires, rapid flash flooding, devastating hail and now a global viral pandemic, it’s been a tough start to the year. Not only have these events been unprecedented, they have undoubtedly changed modern Australia. Whether we see a sharp exit from political norms is yet to be seen, but there can be no doubt that these events will influence our politics for decades to come.

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75 years on, what does the future hold for the Liberal Party?

It’s rare in the course of history that one can pinpoint the exact moment when the trajectory of a nation was changed for the better – which makes the anniversary we celebrate today all the more important. 75 years ago to the day when Sir Robert Menzies delivered his Forgotten People speech, few would have imagined that decades later, future generations would continue to draw inspiration and guidance from those instrumental 3,000 words.

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