Stop the ticking debt bomb

UPDATE: read our breaking news summary on the 2017 Budget here and watch our exclusive interview with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann here:


Right now in Australia we have half a trillion dollars of Commonwealth Government debt. Every single dollar will need to be paid back with interest.

Ahead of the Federal Budget, our message is simple: stop mortgaging our future to pay for today’s extravagance. If the ticking debt bomb isn't dealt with, it will mean higher taxes, fewer jobs and lower economic growth in the future for our generation. 


We’ve said this clearly to the Government in our Budget Submission but we need your help to convince Canberra that the ticking debt bomb must be defused this Budget. Can you sign our petition below? Or make a donation to help us get the message about the debt crisis out?


Sign our Petition

We the undersigned call on the Federal Parliament to take serious steps to reduce the half a trillion dollars’ worth of debt and to stop mortgaging our future.