Queensland Election - Mundingburra

We arrived into Townsville at 11pm local time, stepping off the plane into typical North Queensland heat. We started the next day with an early morning roadside campaign. After this we headed into the suburbs to letterbox, after only 45 minutes we were sunburnt and tired and decided to take a break and go to the local pub and talk to locals. This is a crucial aspect in gauging the support and issues facing the local community.

Currently Mundingburra is held by a Labor Cabinet Minister, and due to the redistribution of the seats is a notional 1.8% Labor seat. We have been working long and hard with the local LNP to reduce this, and counter the large effort labor and the unions are putting in to hold the seat. It is very important that the LNP take Mundingburra as it is currently a bellwether seat and is renowned for bringing down the Labor Goss Government in the 1996 by-election. Some analysts have stated that the Queensland election could come down to the 5 seats surrounding Townsville.2017 qldedo puckett

This has spurred us on knowing that if the LNP take Mundingburra historically there is a very good chance they’ll take government. However we have not become complacent in this with fierce opposition from Labor, independents and One Nation.

We have spent considerable time erecting corflutes and ensuring they are not knocked down and damaged. We would then head back to the suburbs again to letterbox, with material focusing on major issues facing Townsville, especially youth unemployment and very high crime rates, the latter is very noticeable as a majority of houses now have guard dogs. Which we found out some did not like having material put in their letter boxes.

After finishing for the day we have enjoyed going to Townsville eateries and having local fish and chips, and relaxing after a very hot, humid and long day campaigning.

Over the next few days until Election Day we will continue to campaign and work long days to assist our LNP candidates to take Mundingburra and the surrounding Townsville seat, and to put a Tim Nicholls Liberal National Party into Queensland Government.

Nicholas Trappett and James Chadban are members of the NSW Young Liberals and Ben Puckett is a member of the ACT Young Liberals