Queensland Election – Springwood

With only five days of the campaign to go, the race for Springwood is really starting to heat up.

Springwood is marginal Labor electorate in the Brisbane's outer southern suburbs. Traditionally a bellwether, the seat is held by former Campaign Director of the Queensland Council of Unions and lifelong union hack, Mick De Brenni on a reduced 1.4% margin after the recent redistribution.2017 qldedo huttonheydon

Throughout the election, local councillor and LNP candidate Julie Talty has faced the worst sort of bullying and thuggery from her opponents.

The past few weeks have seen her subject to numerous instances of abusive behaviour, including a man threatening to come to her house and break her huband’s legs as she sat defenceless in her car with her daughter. On the same day police arrested a man accused of this abuse who was later spotted in the local lock-up wearing a red t-shirt - but we are sure that was just a coincidence...

There has also been a concerted sign-stealing offensive waged against Julie and the Springwood LNP with more than 200 corflutes stolen so far and just yesterday a supporter discovered a large pile of yard signs in bush land on the side of a busy road. It’s great to see the local team taking this in their stride, rather than stoop to the level of our political opponents the team is aiming to put up two more signs for every one that goes missing.

At 7 o’clock this morning we took to the streets of Loganholme for some sign waving near local schools and shopping complexes, catching the traffic before it headed on to the gridlocked M1 Freeway, which only Julie Talty and the LNP will fix. Following this we headed to the local pre-poll centre at the ridiculously named Hyperdome shopping centre.

Later on in the day we were sent out in opposite directions. While Michael was sent to help blitz the streets with a letterbox drop, or as he preferred to described it a 'mountaineering session’ in the very hilly suburb of Rochedale, Lewis was sent to help out Redlands LNP incumbent candidate Matt McEachan at the pre-poll centre in the neighbouring seat of Redlands.

Over the next few days we will continue to keep up the good fight here in Queensland, with our focus on ensuring that Springwood finally gets the representation it deserves.

A big thank you to the Federal Young Liberal Movement and all of their generous donors who have enabled us to have this great experience and help turn Queensland blue!