SA Election 2022 - Coffee and Bacon and Eggs Rolls

Early this morning (almost too early) the EDO team drove out to the electorate of King to roadside for Paula Luethen MP. It is always an absolute pleasure to volunteer for an MP that is truly hardworking and dedicated to her electorate.


After fully waking up, we brought our high energy to Golden Grove Road and showed South Australia some of our Queensland charm.

Paula was talking to the team about the recent upgrade to Golden Grove Road, just one of many successful projects delivered by the Marshall Government. After being on the ground and seeing the true extent of the Marshall governments successful efforts, it comes to no surprise that South Australia has the fastest growing economy nation-wide.

From there, we had breakfast at a local cafe and talked to some local small business owners about the election over coffee and bacon and egg rolls.

After letterboxing across Paula’s electorate, we moved onto the Federal Electorate of Newland to meet the EO staff and finish up our letterboxing for the day. It was a fantastic change from the dry 35 degree heat of Port Pririe yesterday, and the rain was a much needed refreshment.

I would also like to sincerely thank our Adelaide dad, the Honourable Terry Stephens MLC, for his help during the day. I believe I speak for the whole EDO when I say that Terry’s support is making the trip something to remember.

Karsten Düvel is a member of the Queensland Young Liberal Nationals