SA Election 2022 - Home Stretch

We have reached the home stretch of this campaign, with Election Day on the horizon in South Australia. Today the team was split between prepoll, letterboxing, and phone canvassing, with The Hon. Terry Stephens MLC resuming his true calling as a bus driver.

275500015 383092096972333 2504331578282922791 nThe squad was deployed into the marginal electorate of Elder, where national icon Carolyn Power MP is defending her 2% margin. The prepoll booth in Elder had never seen Ben Kozij in full flight before, and it took the opposing team’s volunteers some time to come to terms with their new reality.

The Marshall Government has been a reforming liberal government, with a great track record during the pandemic and in moving South Australia into the 21st century both socially and economically - particularly by opening up the economy, opening environmental assets, and tackling the issue of prehistoric trading hours.

With the unions, left wing parties, third party groups, and fringe micro parties ganging up on us in key marginals, getting this message of delivery across can be challenging. Labor was up to their dirty tricks today, with televisions blasting propaganda at voters on prepoll. Thankfully a couple of blue team UE Booms and a bit of ABBA put an end to that.

The rest of the team spent the morning dropping a key final piece into letterboxes across the electorate, followed by lunch at a local cafe sponsored by Young Liberal Patron - Senator James McGrath.

Jeremy Kye was the star of phone canvassing this afternoon, making the most calls into Elder. Following a big arvo on prepoll taking on fake news from the cashed up unions, the team united for some ‘signwaving’ (or more correctly roadsiding).

Tonight we’re having a pub feed to farewell our very honourable bus driver Terry, who is heading regional for the final two days of the campaign. We hope we will catch up with him very soon!

Oscar Green is President of the Queensland Young Liberal Nationals