ABC’s politically correct move is damaging The ABC’s decision to move the Triple J hottest 100 from Australia Day to the fourth weekend in January is just the latest example of political correctness gone mad, according to Australia’s largest youth political movement.

To make matters worse, for the next three years, Australia Day happens to fall on the fourth weekend in January which highlights the futility of this whole process.

“Australia Day is a proud day of celebration for who we are as a nation, while boldly looking to the future. This poor decision from ABC management shows that political correctness has taken hold at the expense of common sense,” Federal President Aiden Depiazzi said.

“It is very disappointing that ABC management thinks it is appropriate to use taxpayers’ money to advance the politically correct crusade against our national day of celebration," Mr Depiazzi said.

“The Young Liberal Movement strongly supports our symbols, including Australia Day, and there are many young Australians who will be disappointed by this short-sighted decision,” Federal Policy Chairman Josh Manuatu said.

“We commend Senators Fifield and McGrath who have been strong advocates on this issue,” Mr Manuatu said.