Australia's largest youth political movement has welcomed increasing support for exposing the $100 million Student Tax imposed on tertiary students across Australia.

The Government and several crossbench Senators today supported the Senate noting:

(i) over one million Australian tertiary students are forced to pay up to $294 per year as a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF),
(ii) students at the moment have very little say in how the SSAF monies are spent by their universities and student associations, and
(iii) SSAF is levied regardless of students’ need, willingness and ability to access the services and activities they are paying for.

"From day one, the Young Liberal Movement has opposed this Student Tax and been leading the charge in advocating for its repeal," Federal President Aiden Depiazzi said.

"Each year, more than $100 million is collected from students with minimal accountability and scrutiny - something that is anathema to good governance."

"This Senate Motion comes less than a year after the Young Liberal Movement released The Student Tax report that exposed the unfair, undemocratic and unnecessary tax."

"We congratulate Government Senators for supporting this important motion which goes some way in exposing this Labor/Green Student Tax."

"We will continue to advocate to the Parliament and publicly for greater accountability and the ultimate repeal of the Student Tax," Mr Depiazzi concluded.