Australia's peak centre-right youth political movement has voiced concerns that we could have another QUT case if section 18C isn't repealed urgently.

The Federal Circuit Court threw out the infamous case which saw four young QUT students dragged through the courts for a Facebook post.

"We are deeply concerned that we will see more young people victimized under this legislation unless 18C is repealed," Federal Young Liberal Secretary Aiden Depiazzi said.

"While the result is positive, it has come at huge expense to these students who have been dragged through the Human Rights Commission and the Federal Circuit Court."

"18C is a fundamental abrogation of the right to free speech and it's vital that it be abolished."

"The Federal Young Liberals will continue to advocate to the Federal Government its urgent repeal and we congratulate all those Liberal Members and Senators who are standing up for young people who could be taken to court under 18C," Mr Depiazzi concluded.