The Government has just announced that it is formally considering moving the Australian embassy in Israel to West Jerusalem and has placed the Iran Nuclear Deal in review.

This is a significant announcement that adopts the motion that the Young Liberals successfully moved at the Liberal Party’s Federal Council in July calling on the Government to move the Australian Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem and to end funding to the Palestinian Authority – you can watch Josh Manuatu's speech from July here.

The Government has also announced that it will place the Iran Nuclear Deal in review following evidence that Iran has broken the deal by continuing to manufacture weapons.

This is just the latest example of the Young Liberals making the case, leading the charge and delivering real results as a direct result of being an active and activist Movement.

In both cases, local Young Liberal branches passed motions through State Young Liberal Councils before proceeding to the Young Liberal Federal Convention – as a result we have not only made representations to the Prime Minister and Ministers but successfully moved motions at the Liberal Party’s Federal Council.